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TotalFIT and Yoga

No two workouts are the same in this adventure.  We will use core-strengthening activities to help you maximize your ability to perform and function in real-life situations.  You won’t grow weary of a routine because there is no routine.  Our instructors are energetic and knowledgeable with a passion for helping you reach your individual fitness goals.  You won’t find that kind of personal attention on a treadmill.  This revolutionary approach to health and fitness will inspire you to be “EverFIT.”  Are you up to the challenge?

Two Week Bootcamp Intensive

High energy workout with results you want and the personal attention you need.  Each camp is limited to 20 participants and there are 2 certified coaches.  Camp focus is on muscle confusion exercises, focused and intense cardio and muscular strength training.  No 2 workouts within the 2 weeks are the same.  Participants keep a food log and have recommended dietary restrictions.  Fee includes registration fee, water bottle, t-shirt and graduate celebration nutritional breakfast.

Customized TotalFIT and Yoga Training Sessions

Our certified instructors will design a workout program to meet your specific needs, ranging from yoga to TotalFIT to conditioning and race training.  Our coaches will challenge your body in a way to help you reach your personal wellness goals and can provide one-on-one and/or small group instruction.

Personal Training Sessions
$50 an hour or 10% off 10 prepaid sessions

Group Training rates:
$40 an hour 2 people
$35 an hour 3 people
$30 an hour 4 people

Contract Class rates:
We come to your group and customize classes based on the group’s interests and goals. All classes are for up to 20 participants.
$375 a month 1x a week
$450 a month 2x a week
$525 a month 3x a week

Nutrition 101 and Pantry Makeover

These are private customized sessions in your home to synergize your family’s preferences with the best of nutrition.  Increase your awareness of the effects of nutrition on the body.  You will learn how to read labels for optimal food intake.  This session includes a detailed grocery list and even a trip to the grocery store if you desire.
Starting at $50.

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