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Weather Update

It’s that crazy time of year again! Check our Facebook page for the latest on cancelations with the fluctuating weather conditions:


Inclement Weather Policy:

To help EverFIT team members plan accordingly for bad weather days, please note the following in regard to inclement weather and class cancellations.

EverFIT will follow AISD and/or Wylie ISD for cancellations of ongoing classes:

1. If either Wylie and/or AISD has a late start,
EverFIT will cancel all 5:15AM classes.

2. If either Wylie and/or AISD cancels school,
EverFIT will cancel all 5:15AM classes.

* If neither school has made a decision by 10PM, EverFIT will notify 5:15AM class members in the case of cancellation by 5:00AM via email and the EverFIT website.

Welcome to Ever FIT

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that honors the relationship between the mind, the body, the spirit and the creation around us.  Our aim is to provide a unique and comprehensive training experience that combines proper nutrition and contemporary exercise techniques with disciplines that focus on total wellness – including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Our mission is to provide an environment that leverages nature as the ultimate gym and to provide resources and encouragement that will challenge you to be at your very best.  No two workouts are the same in this adventure.  We will use core-strengthening activities to help you maximize your ability to perform and function in real-life situations.  You won’t grow weary of a routine because there is no routine.  Our instructors are energetic and knowledgeable with a passion for helping you reach your individual fitness goals.  You won’t find that kind of personal attention on a treadmill.  This revolutionary approach to health and fitness will inspire you to be “Ever FIT.”  Are you up to the challenge?

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